Revolutionizing Blockchain Usability

The essence of the blockchain revolution is the ability for tokens and coins representing value to be moved easily between two parties.

Today, moving blockchain tokens and coins from one wallet to another is anything but easy and worry-free.

Dapix is revolutionizing inter-wallet operability with the FIO Protocol
Inside the wallet/exchange of your choice

Works with any wallet/exchange

Single cross chain memorable Wallet Name

Provides a single cross chain memorable Wallet Name

Works on any blockchain

Fully blockchain/token/coin agnostic

Multiple workflow options (request send, confirm send before commit, and more)

Creates enhanced workflows (request for send, confirmations, etc.)

With transaction status and confirmations in wallet

Empowers transaction status in wallet

Rich immutable cross chain metadata shared with the counter party

Enables cross chain counter party meta data

For more information, visit the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO)

Bumping Fists

Dapix was founded by a team of seasoned tech veterans and backed by top venture capital firms and angel investors.

A “Dap” is saying hello by bumping fists… Dapix is making the blockchain as simply and easy as saying hello.


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